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Time to go Inside and Relax
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  1. Miss W
    Miss W

    I think he will find some of his candy friends to have a party with! :)

    • Maya

      Great job thinking of that. But it’s something more scarier than you think. Thank you for visiting Ms. W!

  2. Mama

    Awesome! Can not wait to see what Sprinkles finds inside the house. So cute, sweet and delicious!!

    • Maya

      Sprinkles is sweet and I think he will be delicious if I eat him. But I want him to stay alive so that I can have him in my comic story.

  3. jennsh0rt

    I think he’ll find a nice warm bubble bath. That’s what I hope to find when I get home each day. :)

    • Maya

      That is very nice Mrs. Short. Sprinkles likes to take a sugar bath. It fixes his glaze. You should try to take sugar baths.

  4. Tony McGurk

    I don’t know if you should go in Sprinkles. There may be cup cakes waiting inside

    • Maya

      Great job figuring it out but it’s so close to it! Thank you, Tony.

      • Tony McGurk

        Or maybe the house is full of Wacky Monkeys!!!

        • Maya

          Ha Ha Ha

  5. bearmancartoons

    Great work Maya…keep it up!!

    • Maya

      Thank you! Bearman cartoons!!!

  6. alteredhabitat

    Don’t open the door! The cupcake monster is inside. You can tell. Look closely at the flag. It has cupcake monster bit marks! Yikes!

    • Maya

      You are almost close! It’s something dangerous, though!

      • alteredhabitat

        Dangerous, huh? I bet it’s an old fashioned energy sucking refrigerator! Dangerous to the planets resources! Yikes! I hope sprinkles can save the day!

        • Maya

          He has a strange square fridgerator and it saves energy!

          And it’s something alive. The bad thing, that is.

          And he will save the day!

  7. Mark Stokes (@krash_pow)

    So much fun, Maya! Sprinkles is my new favorite character!

    • Maya

      Thank you, Mark! I figured I would make a story about a sweet donut name Sprinkles. It was fun deciding what would be his name. I love to eat donuts.

  8. Binky

    Mr. Sprinkles lives in a pretty neat house! Maybe there’s some Timbits inside his house. (Timbits are little doughnuts we have in Canada. Like doughnut holes.)
    Nice work, Maya!

    • Maya

      Thank you for that idea, Binky! I like it for next time. But it is something different. Wait and see please.

      We have those too. They are called donut holes and they are so good to eat.

      When he’s hungry he will bite the walls in his house.

  9. evan yeti

    Awesome comic Maya! It makes me hungry :p

    • Maya

      Thank you, Evan. I spent a long time coloring it and it makes me hungry too!

  10. luis visoso
    luis visoso

    I like your comic maya have a good drawing you are writing and coloring good

    • Maya

      Thank you for writing that, Luis. I like your comment! You can practice and you can do good art too!

  11. vincedorse

    Sprinkles looks so happy. Why wouldn’t he be? He’s a super-sweet doughnut! Nice job, Maya! -v

    • Maya

      I know, Vince. He is so sweet and delicious. And he is strawberry flavored but you can’t eat him. Thank you so much!

  12. George

    Very nice! Great work, Maya. You’re doing a fantastic job. Mr. Sprinkles has the perfect home. :)

    • Maya

      Oh I love your funny books George! Thank you for coming here to my site!

  13. Kristie

    Very cute Maya, can’t wait to

    • Maya

      Thank you Kristie for coming to my website and I will post page 3 soon.

  14. thehatandfat

    Who’s the Realtor in this neighborhood because I want to live there as well.

    • Maya

      His candy friend named gummy bear. He is squishy and yummy. He sold the house to Sprinkles for 3000 jelly beans. And he was so fat after he ate them all up!

  15. Gruhn

    Donuts! My favorite!

    • Maya

      It is my favorite too! And I see you have a donut on your pirate flag! Are you searching for donut treasure? Here it is!

  16. luis visoso
    luis visoso

    hi maya thank you for your comment i really nice and like your art be a nice and great have a nice drawing

  17. luis visoso
    luis visoso

    yeah but you look like a nice artist well At least you have a good drawing well see you later stay sweet and a question how did you get in to make your comic because I want to make one too well again stay sweet blast

  18. Bill Murphy
    Bill Murphy

    Great house you made there Maya!
    I want to live there too! :D

    • Maya

      Thank you. I want to live in there too. so I can eat all the candies inside.

  19. Ol' Gui
    Ol' Gui

    I hope that whatever is waiting for Mr. Sprinkles doesn’t scare the sprinkles off of him.

    • Maya

      Hahahaha then he will be naked!

  20. Alexia

    Robert isn’t thinking about your clue of something scarier. He’s saying maybe more donuts that are scared of the monster cupcakes and I’m thinking of coffee or milk.\

    • Alexia

      I meant to say Robert is thinking about your clue instead of isn’t thinking about.

  21. Alexia

    We love the American Flag with the blue clouds and yellow sun.

    • Maya

      Thank you Aunt Alexia. I hope your baby likes my comic too! I miss you and want to see Isadora soon. Can I call her Izzy?

  22. Natalia

    I think he will find his new friend there. A little puppy is waiting for him to come home and pet him. Great job, Maya! I love your comics.

  23. monster1612

    Cute comic! :)

    • Maya

      Thank you Mister Monster 612. I hope you come back real soon. When I have another comic page on here.

  24. Aunt Laurie
    Aunt Laurie

    I think he going to find a baby doughnut

    • Maya

      So close but it’s going to be a little bit smaller.

  25. julianna

    I think he will find a butterfly .

    • Maya

      Maybe! Thank you JuJu! I miss you!

  26. Nef

    Hey Maya! Are we going to see more of your art?

    • Maya

      Yes. I’m still working on it. I have a lot of stuff to do first. And later I’ll post it. Or in a few weeks. When school is out. Right now I’m in school. Thank you for writing a comment on my website.

  27. Ally

    Sweet! I love your art work!!!!! Te amo mucho.

    Mama Ally : )

    • Maya

      Thank you, Mama. I love you too mama.

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